The patient calling screens consist of a large display and a small media player, typically located behind the screen and connected to the screen via an HDMI cable. Both the screen and the media player need to be powered on, the screen typically connects directly to the mains power via a 'figure of 8' power cable and the media player has a DC power adapter. They need local network access, typically via a wired connection and connect to the Intouch web server (either locally or in the cloud).

If you are not seeing a picture on the screen start by ensuring the screen is getting power, there is typically a status LED which should be lit, try powering on the screen, then check the HDMI inputs. Is the screen showing any signs of life, for example can you adjust the volume or see any on screen menu options? If no signs of life try a new power cable as it could be a blown fuse, or the wall outlet at fault, test if possible. 

If the screen is working it could be the media player that's powered off, check the media player to see if there is a status LED light, and try pressing the power button on the media player. If the screen is still not working contact Intouch support detailing the problem, include a photograph of the issue where possible.

If the problem relates to patients not showing on the call list, or patient names not showing on the full screen escalation then this could be configuration related. Please note a sound only plays when a full screen escalation shows. Report the problem to Intouch support, providing as many details as possible, including: 

  • Asset tag
  • Location/department
  • Fault description with example: patient (ID) called from 'Waiting Room X' to 'Room Y' and the name did not show on the call list/call did not show full screen escalation.
  • Photograph were appropriate.  

Network errors are covered in the 'Network connection issues' guide.