If a kiosk is not powering on, check to see if the Perspex surround lit up/glowing, most kiosk stand designs feature surround LED lighting, if the surround lights are off it suggests no mains electricity is getting to the kiosk. If the kiosk surround is glowing the unit is getting mains power, try pressing the hidden power button - see 'Locating the kiosk power button' guide.

If there are no lights on/no signs of life, check the mains power cable is plugged in firmly both to the back of the kiosk housing and the wall socket. If the kiosk still shows no signs of life check the power outlet socket is working – plug something else into it, for example a phone charger. If the socket is ok, then try another power cable (kettle lead), your IT team should have spares as they are common and used on many things like desktop computers, monitors printers etc – this is an important step. If the screen stays blank/black contact Intouch support detailing the steps you have taken to resolve.