There are 3 main kiosk models, each one has the power button located in a different location.

It's important to check the kiosk is getting mains power, most kiosks feature LED lighting in the kiosk housing/surround, that should be glowing if there is mains power, if not see the kiosk power issues guide.

The current model (introduced around 2022) has the power button on the left hand side of the screen. The power button can be pressed without removing the access panel if you have a pen or pencil to reach in to press it:

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Should the access panel need to be removed you will need a philips screwdriver:


Elo kiosks, introduced around 2017, have the power button hidden on the front of the kiosk. There is a hole below the bottom right of the screen, it’s big enough to use the clip of a lid from a biro to briefly press the power button.


NCR kiosks, introduced around 2010, have the power button on the back and the stand design varies. 

The button might be covered by an access panel which will need removing a philips screwdriver required to undo two screws: